Ginger Teach

Well trained people managers can help prevent many day to day employment issues. Ginger Teach provides a variety of bespoke manager training courses and modules with this in mind. Continuous learning for all staff is also a great way to keep them motivated, focused and feeling ‘cared for’.

If you are looking for accredited training through the Institute of Leadership Management, Ginger Teach can help. If you are looking for bite sized, tailored and interactive staff training, Ginger Teach can help.

Ginger Teach sessions can be held on or off site and the fixed price for each session includes bespoke tailoring, preparation, delivery and production of materials.

Ginger teach also provides coaching and mentoring services which can be standalone or dovetailed with an existing career development programme. We also provide an on or off site mediation service, providing an impartial intermediary to help settle workplace differences and disputes.

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